Translated Slownik Geograficzny Entries - JAWORZE

A farmer plows his field in Jaworze

JAWORZE: Dolne [lower] and Gorne [upper], on the left bank of the Wisloka, 226 meters above sea level, in Pilzno county, has 403 Roman Catholic inhabitants and belongs to the Roman Catholic parish in Dobrkow. Between the two parts of the village lies a manor on the Wisloka. The major estate, owned by Miecz Bobrownicki, has 371 morgs of farmland, 31 of meadows and gardens, 161 of pastures, 872 of forest; the minor estate has 517 morgs of farmland, 37 of meadows and gardens, 85 of pastures, and 69 of forest. Jaworza Gorne has a district loan society with a capital of 120 zloty in Austrian currency

The Wisloka River in Jaworze

Source:  Slownik Geograficzny translated by Michael Kurtin (This information was published between 1880 and 1902 and gives a view of this locality during that time frame).  Photographs by James A. Derheim, European Focus Photography.

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