Translated Slownik Geograficzny Entries - JANUSZKOWICE

januszkowice1.jpg (24479 bytes) JANUSZKOWICE: a village in Jaslo County (powiat), in the Gogolewski stream valley, running into the right bank of the Wisloka, near the road from Frysztak to Brozostek, belonging to the Roman Catholic parish of Brzostek, some 11.5 kilometers away.

Janauszkowice has 696 Roman Catholic inhabitants. The larger estate (Konst, Fihauser) has 253 morgs of farmland, 40 morgs of meadows and fields, 23 morgs of pasture and 394 morgs of forest; the smaller area has 593 morgs of farmland, 51 morgs of meadows and fields, 74 morgs of pasture and 162 morgs of forest. In Janusnkowice is a Roman Catholic chapel where Mass is held. The local paupers fund has a capital of 289 zloties.

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Source:  Slownik Geograficzny translated by Michael Kurtin (This information was published between 1880 and 1902 and gives a view of this locality during that time frame).  Photographs by James A. Derheim, European Focus Photography.

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