PGST published a series of articles in Polish Footprints about Southern Polish ancestral locations of some PGST members. Below are links to the information first published in those articles. Included are photographs of the villages, travel experiences by photographer James Derheim, and information about the villages from Slownik Geograficzny translated by William F. Hoffman and Michael Kurtin. Slownik Geograficzny was published between 1880 and 1902 and provides a view of these localities during that time frame.

Biecz,   Chorkowka,   Debica,   Frysztak,   Jablonica,   Januszkowice,   Jaslo,   Jaworze,   Kamienica,   Latoszyn,   Lipnica Dolna,   Lipnica Gorna,   Lubla,   Pilzno,   Przybowka,   Siedliska Bogusz,   Slawecin,   Zrecin

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