Translated Slownik Geograficzny Entries - LIPNICA GORNA and LIPNICA DOLNA

Lipnica Gorna [upper] and Lipnica Dolna [lower] two villages in Jaslo county [powiat], at the mouth of the Dabrowki stream on the left bank of the Wisloka. Lipnica Dolna alone lies on the Wisloka, 256 meters above sea level; Gorna to the west of Dolna, has to the south, the slopes of Liwocza ridge, known in this area as Przykra mountain and Lipnicka mountain.

From Jaslo some 9.6 kilometers is Lipnica Dolna and Gorna at 11 kilometers. Gorna belongs to the Roman Catholic parish in Brzyska but Dolna to Braczal Gorny. Eventually a post office was located in Dolna and in Gorna a local paupers fund with a capital of 109 Zloties. The population of the two villages is Roman Catholic and in Lipnica Dolna there are 379 and in Lipnica Gorna 450.

The largest area in Lipnica Dolna is owned by Al Plocki, having 101 farms and 152 morgs of forest; the smaller area has 361 farms, 26 meadows and fields, 50 morgs of pasture and 35 morgs of forest; in Lipnica Gorna the largest area is owned by Kazimierz Klobasy having 200 farms and 304 morgs of forest, the smaller area has 309 farms, 22 meadows and fields and 54 morgs of pature. Both villages are bordered on the north by Wroblowka, on the west by Jablonica, on the south by Baczal Dolny and Dabrowka.

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