Translated Slownik Geograficzny Entries - LATOSZYN

latoszyn2.jpg (32593 bytes) Latoszyn: a village in Ropczycki County (powiat), belonging to the Roman Catholic parish, county court and post office in Debica, some .7 kilometers away, lying on the right bank of the Wisloka, near a government road, at 39 degrees 3' east longitude from Ferro and 50 degrees 1'13" north latitude. The southern side of the village has a public bath house fed by a sulphur spring, flowing in a dale 214 meters by army measurement above sea level. The flowing spring is surrounded by a tall growing forest, mainly to the south by Wielki forest 347 meters above sea level, to the east by Sowia mountain ranging from 342 meters decreasing toward the north at 252 meters above sea level. To the north of the village is the Wisloka and to the south are farms known as Latoszynki.

The village has 687 Roman Catholic inhabitants, of which 92 reside on the larger estate. Mineral baths were long known as Kuropatnicki in 1786 located in Latoszyn.

"The Morski village home, famous for its excellent mineral waters, had not one enclosure around its property, even though it was near the brick road from Vienna to Lwow." Now near the spring is a forest ranger's house and a few houses. The water was used by surrounding inhabitants.

latoszyn1.jpg (20262 bytes) The greater area of land is owned by A. Morawski and has 419 farms, 25 meadows and fields, 78 pastures and 222 morgs of forest; the smaller area has 380 farms, 27 meadows and fields, 47 pastures and 57 morgs of forest. From the north and west Latoszyn is flanked by the Wisloka, on the south it is bordered by Podegrodzie and on the east by Wolica and Gumniska foks.

Source:  Slownik Geograficzny translated by Michael Kurtin (This information was published between 1880 and 1902 and gives a view of this locality during that time frame).  Photographs by James A. Derheim, European Focus Photography.

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