Translated Slownik Geograficzny Entries - JABLONICA

Woman and milk cow in Jablonica, Poland JABLONICA: a village located on the fertile northern slope of the Ryczaka mountains, between the Ropa and the Wisloka, to the west of Kolaczyce in Jaslo county [powiat], in the Roman Catholic parish of Baczal; having 317 Roman Catholic inhabitants.

Bordered on the north by Czermna, on the west by Swiecany, on the south by Lisow and on the east by Baczal. The largest area belonged to Karol Klobasy and consisted of 124 morgs of farmland, 12 morgs of meadows and fields, 9 morgs of pasture and 335 morgs of forests mainly of spruce trees; the smaller area had 308 morgs of farmland, 28 morgs of meadows and fields, 97 morgs of pasture. The village has a local pauper's fund with a capital of 143 Zloties.

Man at work in Jablonica, Poland

Source:  Slownik Geograficzny translated by Michael Kurtin (This information was published between 1880 and 1902 and gives a view of this locality during that time frame).  Photographs by James A. Derheim, European Focus Photography.

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