Translated Slownik Geograficzny Entries - FRYSZTAK

Catholic Church in Frysztak FRYSZTAK: with Glinik Dolny, Pulanki, and Twierdza, a town in Jaslo county, located at 49 degrees 10’ N and 39 degrees, 4’ East from Ferro [*by modern reckoning 49 degrees 50’, 21 degrees 37’], 19 km. From Krosno, with an area of 1,558 morgs; 134 houses, 590 male inhabitants and 607 female, for a total of 1,197, of whom 416 are Roman Catholic and 779 Jewish.

It is the site of the county court, a notary’s office, a military police post, post office, deanery office covering 6 parish, and a parish office. The most ancient trace of this parish is to be found in the work "Liber retaxationis dioecese Cracoviensis de anno 1527" [Krakow Diocese retaxation Register for the year 1527]. The church is wooden, its date of construction unknown; it is dedicated to the Birth of The Blessed Virgin.

There is a 2-grade public school with three teachers, a match factory, production of grease and turpentine, a fair every other Thursday and particularly lively in spring, when many working horses and cattle are sold at it.

Downtown area of Frysztak Frysztak lies on a hillock, at the feet of which the Wisloka flows by, and is on the county road from Rezeszow to Krosno. A second highway leads from Frysztak through Lubla and Sieklowka to Warzyce, where it joins the government highway leading to Jaslo. According to tradition Frysztak was founded as a German colony by King Kazimierz the Great and was originally named Frysztak (German Freistadi [‘free city’].)

Source:  Slownik Geograficzny translated by Michael Kurtin (This information was published between 1880 and 1902 and gives a view of this locality during that time frame).  Photographs by James A. Derheim, European Focus Photography.

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